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Screams In There!

I think I am done. Unless; Dear Heart brings dearheart back with his sorrows drown with moderation, and his intimate verbiage skills upgraded and relaxed. Waiting for that happy ending? I just do not think I can get in the fire with someone new.       Spending time while he shops for another me on the singles sites just too much to bear.  I’m out!  Screams In There! 2013/10/27


Almost Scary!

I know you were all waiting for the happy ending, with the stunning poet and MITCH  but we apparently they are so backward in the intimacy, (and no macho communication of intimacy) that apparently the relationship appears not to be salvageable. She cannot live without any passion from a male companion at all, she will not want to be the one to be rejected continuously, all asides aside, after her husband died it literally took 4 years for her to speak to someone again, big mistake, then 2 attempts with people who seemed very great in the next 5 years. Everyone is looking for the shock and awe factor in a relationship and sometimes there are times when it goes into absentia. But if you wait long enough passion does return into a relationship but both people have to try.  Just between us, he has lost interest  altogether. She has  moved on. 09/2013.

Update:  She has survived and I will keep you updated right now she is free and does the best she can.

Ahhh! Shem Creek!

The term Dearheart actually I have the desire to call someone dearheart. Of course the capitol D is an honor to my God.
So anyway this started as the best date probably ever, I am still breathing though so I do not want to put any negativity around me.

Dearheart has a dual meaning here. The capital ‘D” would mean a reference to God. The references with the small ‘d’ (or whomever I shall love to the end of my life.) Most of my writes are of dual meanings or many meanings. And of how special love is and sometimes how humbling love really is…

These are some of the memories and I did not have a camera. So I really am at a loss for pics so I wrote it all down in hopes of being able to record it again in my brain. But I will never be able to get that moment in time again. The company I was with and his desire to learn to be passionate  and he seemed happy on the outside.

This scenery was truly a inner spiritual break into some other dimension! As I have been the world over and those colors were as though I was already 1000 years into the future dimension viscerally ethereally speaking!
This is odd to say but, I had started to refer this term to him (MITCH), as dearheart in my mind and that is what I will call him later if he ends up in my life, of course with a little “d”. Sorry to disappoint, but that was not happening.

Otherwise it means I should have looked it up prior and then it would have been a reference to Wiki’s movie reference.
It could never be him, however only he made that decision. I have never used this term to describe someone before.

I was deeply inspired with this write and a few others, by aka MITCH. But when you mentioned references I thought I should see if someone thought of anyone else in such high esteem and there you go, they did. Probably another ill romantic like myself, looking and searching: So in my references there is usually a duality in most of my writes, and esp. this coming year. Still looking no monogamy there. (07-2014) Fair waiting period I thought. Now that door is closed. From my side. Locked.

2. dearheart=the greatest term of affection known to mankind.
And wiki has it as a movie.

*Shem Creek is a beautiful place in South Carolina that is very peaceful. (That was until they built an ugly gazebo and forever walkway over the marshland for a little park. That was in 2012-ish. But, apparently I was the only person who was thinking that way.)

Mitch bailed. Still looking.07/2013. His loss. In the end not mine.

She Is, Not Like Other Women

Apparently she is me, at this moment. As I brought things into the present.
She Is, Not Like Other Women
What comes up comes out. Repression is good for some of us.
Because every square inch of the earth all around us
is full in every dimension. I do not know enough words and
my Microsoft Office is not connecting to the internet properly.
It worked yesterday. This is a loaner computer.
There is just as much light at work as dark.
My little brain injury can only access so much in
technology. Wrong buttons happen on a semi regular basis.

Appealing Yellow Aside

The inspiration was a beautiful photograph of a sunflower by a photographer named Jake Jester from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. This photograph was different because you could see the destruction the seed on the sunflower as the beetle seems to make it’s rounds exactly in a circle where the seeds would have developed. The yellow that Van Gogh finally got to love and use in all his works is so vibrant in this photo I was reminded of his colors, on a really dark green background instead of Van Gogh’s blue. I appreciate permission to view these pictures and write to them. Maybe at some point I will be able to post the photographs. Sharon

Update:Although we never met and only spoke on the phone, I could see he has an artistic side.  -Sharon

Sonrise and Man

Inspiration for this poem was from a photograph provided to me
from Jake Jester, a professional photographer in Myrtle Beach, SC.
A lot of his photographs are very dramatic beach photography.
Not the usual everyday views, but carefully composed and he
seems to patiently capture extraordinary light and color many
beach goers and that other professionals miss. The picture
posted with the poem is by Jake Jester Photography.
(An internet photography acquaintance.)

Sonrise and Man

The Night Whisperer

Aside from all the bumps in the night, usual worries, families, life, and the mind bender we all add to our our mind’s. The Night Whisperer.

There is light, television noise, radios, within your home. Now it is said that these particular noises can indeed rob you of two and one half years of life. So if you are hopeful: in my family you could walk a mile a day at 103 years old or only make it to 100 1/2 years old.

I am smiling too, The mind benders are here again. Someone send a soothing poem. Oh I think I have just the one. Going to the Poets Pub and share a soothing cold one there!